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Earlobe Repair In Sydney, New South Wales

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Undo Your Earlobe Damage

Our bodies tell the story of our life.

But when you’ve had large ear piercings or damage to your earlobe, there may come a time where you want that chapter to speak a little less loudly. In those situations, earlobe repair procedures are here to help.

White Hill Clinic has the answers you’re looking for when you’re ready to explore the possibilities of earlobe repair. Whether you’re tired of your gauges or your earlobe was torn in an accident, our highly experienced team in Sydney can talk you through your options and find the one that’s right for you.

What is Earlobe Repair?

Earlobe repair is a cosmetic procedure aimed at reconstructing the earlobe after it has been altered or damaged and restoring its natural-looking shape. If people have stretched out their earlobes with plugs or heavy earrings, a repair procedure can be ideal.

It is also appropriate for people who have suffered a traumatic injury, such as an earring getting caught or snagged and tearing their earlobe. Earlobe repairs can be performed using several techniques, but they can be grouped into surgical and non-surgical categories. The extent of deformation you’ve experienced will help determine which approach will be best for you.

For situations where the earlobe shape doesn’t deviate significantly from “ideal,” the restoration may only require the use of fillers. However, larger gaps usually include excess skin and tissue that will need to be removed before the hole can be repaired. In either situation, the goal is a restored ear shape that matches the rest of your appearance.

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Benefits of Earlobe Repair

Whether you’re ready to undo the effects of gauges or tunnels or if you’ve accidentally torn your earlobe, the benefits of earlobe repair are the same. Your ears will look nearly identical to their original shape — possibly even better. In cases where the alteration or damage is only on one side, you’ll get back your ideal, symmetrical look.

Further, there are emotional and mental benefits as well. If your overstretched or damaged ears cost you self-esteem or confidence, earlobe repair can help you get it back. Do any of these situations sound familiar to you?

  • Traumatic, accidental tears
  • Long-term use of heavy earrings
  • Large-gauge piercings, plugs, or tunnels
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Am I a candidate for Earlobe Repair?

If your earlobes have been stretched or torn and you’re ready to fix them, an earlobe repair procedure may be your solution. These procedures are highly customized to the needs of each patient, so our caring professionals at White Hill Clinic will work with you to create a treatment plan that specifically addresses your concerns.

Overall, men and women in good health make good candidates for earlobe repair. They’re free of significant health concerns that can interfere with the procedure or recovery — conditions like cancer, heart disease, or diabetes. They also don’t have any active infections, especially ear infections. Finally, they’ll have healthy skin with good elasticity and resilience.

Dr. Rizk and White Hill Clinic advocates the National Law and Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) guidelines that any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

The Earlobe Repair

The exact procedure you experience to repair your earlobe will depend on several factors. Among them, the shape and size of the hole to be repaired, your skin’s overall condition and resilience, your age, and overall health. All of our earlobe restoration procedures are outpatient procedures though, so you’ll be at home on the same day.

The procedure will begin with the application of the appropriate anesthetic — topical or regional — as determined by the scope of the repairs to be performed. For relatively minor repairs where no tissue removal is needed, the closure can often be achieved using only fillers. A punch tool is used to open the skin along the inside of the gap and the hole is closed, allowing the skin to heal together.

Stitches may be required in some situations. When more extensive restoration is needed, the surgeon or technician will cut away excess skin and tissue and then suture the earlobe back together in a more natural shape. Fillers may be used if necessary. Finally, the repaired ear is bandaged and prepared for healing.

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Your recovery from Earlobe Repair

During your first week of recovery, you can expect there to be swelling, discoloration, and tenderness around your restored earlobes. This is normal and should be relatively easy to manage with the medication your White Hill Clinic technician will recommend. During this time, it’s important that you keep your treatment site clean and protected to promote healing.

If you were given stitches, your follow-up appointment will be scheduled to have them removed. You’ll also receive detailed instructions on how to care for your repaired ears. Follow them closely to ensure a speedy recovery and optimal results.

Your Earlobe Repair Results

Once your recovery is complete, you will be able to fully appreciate your excellent results. Your ears will appear close to their original size and shape and any signs of damage from tearing could be almost completely gone.

You’ll have great-looking ears that match the rest of your beautiful face. You’ll need to make sure to take care of your skin and ears to maintain your results for the long term. Be sure to consult your White Hill Clinic professional for advice on when it’s safe to get your ears pierced again, assuming you want to do so. With proper care and attention, you’ll have natural-looking ears for the rest of your life!

Learn more about Earlobe Repair in Sydney with a consultation at White Hill Clinic

Think earlobe repair might be right for you? Our highly professional team is ready to help you explore your options, and find the solution that meets your needs. Named “New Practice of the Year, Australia” by the MyFaceMyBody Awards in 2020, White Hill Clinic in Inner West Sydney is home to the latest advanced cosmetic treatments, provided in a luxurious setting.

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